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Internet Marketing Live PLR

More Results From What I Teach In Internet Marketing Live...

It Is Only Fair That You Know Who I Am Before I Tell You More About This Incredible Internet Marketing Training & Licensing Opportunity That I Have Available To You!

I am Paul Counts, and I have been selling products online since 2000 when I was just 15 years old, and growing up in the small town of Prescott, WA (population 300)! I have been earning an income online for over 17 years, and have provided a very nice living for my family in the process. I have sold everything from marketing services, ecommerce products, entire businesses, and digital products. I did local offline marketing, t-shirt sales, and ecommerce before it was the cool thing!

The most important part is that I have been free to spend a LOT of time with the kids. I recall one year taking about 10 or 12 vacations around the country, and we were gone so much our friends said we should just go out and rent a RV! 

This business has been very good to me, and I truly do believe in the principal that if you give value, that you will receive value in return! 

My goal with this training was to seperate myself from other courses online by jumping in front of the camera and sharing some of my best kept Internet marketing secrets! 

A Little Bit More About Me, Paul Counts

Beyond just successfully earning money online for 17 years I have been fortunate to work with celebrities, professional athletes, and authors to help them bring their offers to market. 

I have also been behind many successful product launches on JVZoo, and am a partner with the popular Real Guys brand which took Clickbank by storm for several years! We ammassed a global audience, millions of sales, and even were Clickbank Platinum Vendors. 

You will alo find me as a partner with Nicheology which is the longest running PLR membership website online, and a partner with bringing the Online Sales Pro brand of services and training to JVZoo. 

I have spoken at numerous events including holding my own event called "Money Counts Live" in Vietnam! I had a radio show called the "Count On Us Internet Profits Show" which aired in multiple states including Oklahoma and parts of Kansas and Texas! 

Movie Producing & Selling Businesses

On top of everything else I mentioned above I have also produced a SAG feature film called "Unbelievers" that we hope to releaes to the public one day. 

Also in my years online I have successfully sold multiple businesses for people and pocketed a very handsome commission in the process. My biggest win was selling a company for $780,000 in under 30 days! 

The point of sharing that is to say that I know sales! Whether it is selling people in the movie business or selling an entire company or simply selling digital products I bring a vast amount of experience to the table!

If You're Like 99% of the People Who Are Trying to Make Money On the Internet You're Making It Harder Than It Needs To Be...And You Still Aren't Seeing Any Results! That's Why I Recorded This Video Course!

From The Desk of Paul Counts

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to make a full-time living on the internet?  

Just imagine it for a moment...  

Your money worries would be over. You could quit your day job. You'd finally be able to pay off those bills, fix up the house, and maybe even buy a new car.  

Although the money is nice, the lifestyle that you can enjoy while working from home is the real benefit. I have been fortunate to do this full time since 2007.  

Maybe you've been thinking about traveling across the country or even abroad on vacation, but your current job doesn't let you do that. When you work online, you can work from just about ANYWHERE in the world ... including all those places on your bucket list. This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.  

Or maybe you have other plans. Maybe you'd like to spend more time with your children, family members, and friends. Or perhaps you'd like to devote more time to a favorite hobby. Perhaps you'd even like to do more charitable work in your community.

When you run a successful online business, these things become very possible.  

No more 9-5 grind. No more spending hours snarled up during the rush-hour commute. No more feeling like you're just a ship passing in the night when it comes to your spouse.  

Because when you have a successful online business, that affords you the time to focus on what matters MOST to you. 

I want to help you reach your online business dreams!

I created this new training to help people understand what it takes to run a successful online business by teaching them the very simple methods that I have been using for 17 years to succeed online, and generate millions of dollars in sales!  

Notice the woman in this photo working on her terms?

The woman in this picture is working on her terms, and that is the beauty of an online business! You can be anywhere in the world, and still be running it! 

I have personally made money from airports, from the front seat of a car, while camping, going to sporting events, at family get togethers, and more! Thanks to my Internet business which I can run on my own schedule I can enjoy the family and friends during the day, and run the business on my own terms!

Announcing a Rare Internet Marketing Course Filmed With a Human Face On-Screen That Comes With Private Label Rights and a Guarantee! Inside Internet Marketing Live I Reveal The EXACT Business Model I Have Used To Literally Sell Millions of Dollars In Digital Products & Services Plus I Am Going To Allow You To Sell This Training As Your Own & Earn 100% With Every Sale You Make!


During this 4-part video course that I filmed live in California recntly I pulled back the curtain and revealed the secrets to my success online. You will be shocked at how simple the methods are to implement that I teach! 

The training is valuable enough, but I wanted to give you the chance to be a true Internet marketing success story so I am letting you resell this video course as your own for 100% profits by offering a private label rights license to my top-notch training! 

I share the same secrets which have resulted in millions of dollars in online sales as you can see from the proof below!

Here is $5,032,310.98 in Real Proof of Online Sales!

Below you will find proof from a Clickbank account I am a partner on and several different JVZoo accounts that show earnings. This is just a small piece of my earnings online, and does not at all show everything that I have sold online. 

Nor does this represent what my students have also sold, or what my customers have sold by licensing my content. 

This is just to give you some basic proof ($5 million dollars worth) that I know what I am talking about, and I can help you achieve the success you want to follow. The Internet Marketing Live video course does actually help you lay the foundation for the business that has resulted in the sales that you are seeing below! 

Proven & Backed Up By Millions of Dollars In Online Sales This System Must Work For You! 

Here is a taste of what you will learn inside of Internet Marketing Live! 

  • The 4 Main Steps To Creating A Successful Internet Marketing Business!
  • A Proven Effective Business Model That Works In Any Niche Market!
  • Simple Free Traffic Methods That Anyone Can Implement
  • How To Properly Leverage Your Marketing To Produce A Perfect Traffic Storm!
  • The Secret Guru Methods For Creating Winning Content In Minutes!
  • Learn Exactly How To Structure Your Online Business For Maximum Success

Watch This Demo of the Internet Marketing Live Training

Get The Internet Marketing Live PLR Package Today $97 Just $17 Today

Internet Marketing Live PLR

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 No Previous Experience Is Required of You, Profit From My 17+ Years Of Internet Marketing Experience

As you know I have been in business online for myself for over 17 years now! It is not lie that having your own high quality products to sell is the key to success online. In fact in the Internet Marketing live training I teach you how to build an audience so you can sell your own products to them.  

Here is the Great News!  

The great news is you don't have to be a marketing expert to create high quality, in demand Internet marketing related products to sell because I have done that for you! I have created info products for best selling authors, celebrities, professional athletes, and numerous globally recognized speakers and business experts.  

This Internet business allowed me to have the time freedom and lifestyle to live where my family and I choose to live.  

Information Products Have Been Key To My Success... I love this business, and I want to see you succeed in it too! Information products have been huge for my success. They positioned me as an expert early on, and helped me to build up my email list of buyers. My Internet Marketing Live video series with Private Label Rights (rights to resell it and rebrand it as your own) can give you that opportunity too! You just have to decide if you want to add this new high quality training course created entirely by me to your arsenal!

PLR Is The Internet Marketing Guru's Secret Weapon For Profiting In The $62 Billion Internet Marketing Industry

Here Is WikiPedia's Definition of Private Label Rights (PLR)

The Internet marketing experts and gurus turn to Private Label Rights (PLR) to create content for their online businesses! I know this for a fact because many of the top experts in this hot niche market are my customers!  

Another reason I know Internet marketing experts use PLR to boost their income is because I use it in my business all the time! Did you know a lot of the training courses you have purchased started with PLR as the base for the content?  

Since you can edit, rename, and rebrand PLR products, they allow you to no longer have to start from scratch when creating an info product.  

You can also use PLR as bonuses for your products, membership sites, coaching programs, affiliate bonuses, or for your next product launch! The easiest way to describe PLR is that it gives you the rights to resell a product as your own while keeping 100% of the profits!  

If the marketing experts use PLR to grow their businesses why shouldn't you?

This Internt Marketing Live package comes with PLR today with your purchase! 

See What Top Internet Marketers Said About My Internet Marketing Live PLR Package...

The Numbers Do Not Lie...The Internet Marketing Niche Is Absolutely Huge!

The numbers flat out do not lie, and you can see easily why the Internet marketing niche is a $62 billion dollar market and growing! There is plenty of cash to go around, and piles of new people every single day searching online for solutions to their money problems. You can now meet this growing demand by selling them this Internet Marketing Live training because of the PLR license you also pickup today. 

Just see some of the proof below that shows why this is one of the hottest niche markets that is filled with hot prospects for you to capitalize on!  

Millions of Views on Internet Marketing Related YouTube Videos

Millions of Searches Every Month For Internet Marketing Related Keywords (Add Them Up...These Screenshots Represent USA Search Traffic Only)

Tons of Books On Amazon Serving This HUGE Demand For This Highly Lucrative Internet Marketing Niche

You Have All The Proof You Need To Make A Decision Here Today! You Have Seen My Earnings Proof Screenshots, Read My Bio, Learned About The PLR Opportunity, Read The Testimonials, & Even Seen Proof That The Internet Marketing Niche Is Huge! 

Now Please Allow Me To Show You All The Extra Bonuses and Add-Ons You Get For Taking Action Today On This Super Special Deal!

Get Access To All of This With Your PurchaseToday

Component #1: 4-Part Video Course ($197 Value)  

You get access to this incredible 4-part video course where I reveal the foundations or an Internet business that has generated millions of dollars in online sales! These same methods have been responsible for millions of dollars in sales revenue, and the best part is they work in any niche market!

Component #2: Private Label Rights License ($297 Value)  

You get a private label rights licnese to this training course which means you can rebrand it, rename it, create your own graphics, and most importantly you can resell it as your own high quality training! You can also use it as a bonus to your current offers, or include it as an upsell in your sales funnels! With the PLR you can resell this product unlimited times!

Component #3: Sales Page ($197 Value)  

You get access to a sales page that sells the Internet Marketing Live training! All you have to do is insert your payment link, upload the file, and start collecting sales! This will fast-start your path to success in selling the PLR to this package!

Component #4: Marketing Graphics ($97 Value)  

You will get a nice set of marketing graphics similar to the one pictured on the right to help you sell this product anyway you want! Remember beyond selling this product as-is you can sell it from your download pages, use as bonuses, use in upsells, and use as part your sales funnel!

Component #5: Download Page ($97 Value)  

You get a turnkey download page so you delivering the files to your customers is a breeze! I am already hosting the videos on VIMEO. You just need to provide your customers with this download page link, add in your bonuses to customize the package, and you are officially in business! Everything you need is right here to help you succeed!

Component #6: Bonus 1 - The Idea Formula ($47 Value) 

Inside of The Idea Formula you will discover the power of ideas, and will learn exactly how to generate winning and profitable ideas! Behind every successful business is someone that can create great ideas! You will learn how to generate ideas, how to get a creative atmosphere, dealing with creative block, brainstorming, mind mapping, and capturing ideas! If you want to separate yourself from the competition this ebook can help you do just that!  

Component #7: Bonus 2 - Niche Profits Video Course ($67 Value)  

This 47-video course teaches how a behind the scenes marketer earns $1,000 to $10,000 per month completely on autopilot building niche businesses online. So, in this course, he is going to teach you how to get started in building your own little niche marketing websites for under $100. So even if you have no experience building websites or making money online, you can get started right away with the information found in this course. Throughout this course, he will teach you how to create multiple automated niche income streams.

Component #8: Bonus 3 - CPA Cash Counts ($47 Value) One of the fastest ways to make money online is with high converting affiliate offers including CPA offers! You can learn how to get paid for people just submitting leads! After going through the Internet Marketing Live training this bonus ebook you will never run out of hot offers to promote at anytime!

Component #9: Bonus 4 - OptiROI Conversion Software ($197 Value)  

This powerful yet simple little software lets you boost your conversions for your sales pages or lead pages easily through the power of A/B split testing! Similar software costs $47/month to use!  

Component #10: Bonus 5 - Social Media Counts ($27 Value)  

Discover the secrets to getting targeted and consistent traffic from all the social media channels! You simply cannot ignore what social media can be doing for your business, your brand, and your bottom line! This is a must read ebook if you want to capitalize on this growing trend! 

Component #11: Bonus Complete PLR Video Course ($197 Value)  

You not only get access to one complete PLR video course with your purchase today, but I am throwing in a second complete video course with PLR! This course is called: "Your First Sales Funnel", and it is the PERFECT compliment to those of you that invested into this package. You can position this as an upsell or a bonus to help you sell this Internet Marketing Live training! Others paid more for a PLR license to this product alone, than you are paying today for a license to both plus all these incredible bonuses! 

Component #12: PLR Bonus 1 - 15 Internet Marketing Ebooks With PLR ($197 Value)  

These are not just your average Internet marketing ebooks with private label rights that you find in every package! I paid over $15,000 for the licensing rights to these 15 awesome, evergreen Internet marketing products that were Clickbank best sellers at one point! This is a truly incredible bonus!

Component #13: PLR Bonus 2 - Google Adsense PLR ($97 Value)  

This Google Adsense product teaches the evergreen method of making money with niche websites and Google Adsenese. Covering over 100 pages of original, and quality content you can feel good about reselling this product! People bought this ebook alone without the rights for more than what you are paying for this entire package right here!

Component #14: PLR Bonus 3 - 25 Proven Traffic Methods Video Course With PLR ($147 Value)  

Discover 25 proven traffic methods that you can start implementing in your business to get more sales and leads! Traffic is the lifeblood for any online business. You get PLR to this amazing package!

Component #15: Ecover Software ($67 Value) 

You will ge access to an ecover software so you can easily create ecovers. This will help you quickly and easily rebrand your product so you can get it live for sale, and not look just like your competition!  

Component #16: PLR Profits Workshop ($97 Value) 

You will ge access to my 30 part step-by-step video course teaching you how to profit from PLR products. This is the PERFECT training for you when you get this Internet Marketing Live firesale today! You will learn exactly how to maximize your profits with all the PLR sitting around on your hard drive! This bonus is worth more than the price of this entire package!  

Fast Mover's Bonus #1: Dropshipping Course With PLR

I recorde a dropshipping course at my office in front of my whiteboard where I reveal the steps to being successful with dropshipping. Drawing from my years as an ecommerce store owner and consultant for a leading ecommerce brand online. You can resell this course or bundle it as a bonus with the Internet Marketing Live training, or use it as an upsell! This is a HUGE bonus! 

Fast Mover's Bonus #2: Access PLR Counts Mastermind

I have created a Facebook group for customers of my private label rights content! This group is growing at a rapid pace, and inside this group people can help each other achieve success with PLR content! This is a geat opportunity to interact with myself and my students!

Fast Mover's Bonus #3: Co-Branding Rights

This is a HUGE bonus! I am giving you the chance to resell this product by borrowing my credibility! That means when you sell this course you are allowed to use my picture next to yours! So on the sales page it would say: From Paul Counts & Your Name! I have created a custom sales page just for this option if you choose to use that. I typically charge morefor this option, but I am including it for free here! 

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Internet Marketing Live PLR

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You won't find a better offer around to get a PLR license to such a high quality offer.

I create my products that I sell PLR to because I want my customers to have an offer they can both sell and learn from! Most of the time the PLR you buy is created by an outsource team with no experience actually earning online or teaching the subject at hand. 

As you know I have over 17 years of experience teaching this topic! So you can sell this coure, and learn from it too! 

Internet Marketing Live PLR

Let's quickly recap what you get when you order now:  

  • Internet Marketing Live 4-Part Video Course ($197 Value) 
  • Private Label Rights To IM Live Video Course ($297 Value) 
  • Sales Page ($197 Value) 
  • Marketing Graphics ($97 Value) 
  • Download Page ($97 Value) 
  • Bonus #1: The Idea Formula Ebook ($47 Value) 
  • Bonus #2: Niche Profits Video Course ($67 Value) 
  • Bonus #3: CPA Cash Counts ($47 Value) 
  • Bonus #4: OptiROI Conversion Software ($197 Value) 
  • Bonus #5: Social Media Counts ($27 Value) 
  • Surprise Bonus: Complete PLR Video Course ($197 Value) 
  • PLR Bonus #1: 15 PLR Ebooks ($197 Value) 
  • PLR Bonus #2: Google Adsense PLR Course ($97 Value) 
  • PLR Bonus #3: 25 Proven Traffic Methods ($147 Value) 
  • Ecover Software ($67 Value) 
  • PLR Profits Workshop Recordings ($97 Value)  

And if you act now, you get the entire package valued at $2,072 for just $17. Your next step is simple: Click the button below or click here, and in minutes you'll have access to everything seen here! 

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Internet Marketing Live PLR


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P.P.P.S. Over 100 hours, hundreds of dollars in expenses, and years of practicing and learning Internet marketing have been put into this offer! Let's pretend you want to duplicate everything I have done yourself, and you do it in just 50 hours. If you value your time at only $20/hour that is already $1,000 worth of your time! What if your time is worth $30/hour? That adds up to $1,500! Time is your most valuable asset that you will never get back. 

You can save time on creating your own high quality product in high demand niche by picking this up today! Click Here To Order Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course ideal for? 

Literally anyone that wants to start and run an online business. This course teaches the EXACT methods top marketers are using to run successful six and seven figure per year businesses! These are proven methods that I have used to sell millions of dollars online! Whether you are new online or experienced you can both learn from this course by implementing what I teach, and also earn by selling it to other people!

Can you really sell such a high quality training like this?  

Yes, you can! It is rare to get resell rights to a course of this quality, and to put together a course like this would cost you thousands of dollars in equipment, editing, and even flying to a beautiful location! 

What are my rights with the PLR license?  

You can resell this course as-is, use it as a bonus to your current offers, add it as an upsell in your sales funnels, use it as a bonus to make more affiliate sales, and transcribe the audio of the videos into text format! Here is the full PLR license. Keep in mind this license is not intended to restrict you from profiting from it, but intended to protect you fully from or PLR license holders devaluing this great deal. 

You have a complete 4-part video course that you can start to sell almost immediately! 

This license applies to the “Internet Marketing Live” Training  

(Herein be referred to as "Product")  

[Yes] Product may be sold [Yes] Products may be bundled with other products [Yes] Products can be a bonus for another product (Minimum $17 price.) [Yes] Can be added to paid membership sites (Must be at least $5/Mo. or $60/Year.) [Yes] Can add bonuses to the Product for sale [Yes] Can be sold as a physical product on DVD, BluRay, or USB Thumb Drive [Yes] Can be sold as a digital product [Yes] You may rename the Products [Yes] You may edit the content of the Product [Yes] You may use the source code to create new products [Yes] You may use the name(s) of the author/creator/seller of the Product [NO] Can be given away for free. [NO] Can be added to free membership sites [NO] Can sell Private Label Rights* [NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights* [NO] Can sell Resale Rights*  

How long do I have access to the course?  

After investing you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.  

What if I am unhappy with the course?  

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. I am the one taking all the risk here.

How can I ask something you didn't cover on this page?  

You can contact us anytime at

Use Coupon Code: NEWYEAR To Save $2! 

Internet Marketing Live PLR

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